Name Change

We are changing our name on the 31st May 2016: Vysionics ITS Ltd will now be JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK Ltd.

Vysionics ITS Ltd has long been a supplier of ANPR based advanced ITS solutions, with thousands of camera systems installed across the UK and beyond. In November 2014, Vysionics was acquired by Jenoptik Traffic Solutions, becoming a part of the Jenoptik Group, with the associated benefits from the professional structures of an international, listed corporate group.

Following a successful integration period, we at Vysionics are now changing our company name as well. As a result, Vysionics ITS Ltd is changing its name and offering its services under the Jenoptik brand.

Please use the following contact details as of 31st May 2016:

JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK Ltd,

4.3 Frimley Business Park, Frimley, Surrey, GU16 7SG, United Kingdom

Our registered office address, all UK regional offices and your current contacts here will not change, and telephone numbers will also stay valid. The new e-mail addresses will then be composed as follows: firstname.lastname@jenoptik.com

We will retain our company and VAT numbers, so the change in our company name will have no effect on either the business or on its legal identification. All contracts with the company shall also remain in effect.

Our comprehensive portfolio of ANPR related services will continue, with the added advantage of being a part of an international and financially strong listed company.

If this notice has not answered all of your questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your previous contact at JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK.

We look forward to continued close and trusting cooperation with you.