International ANPR / ALPR

JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK delivers solutions that are fit for use across the globe.  At any one time, Jenoptik cameras are being trialled in many different countries, proving that our reliable hardware designs and adaptable software systems are fit for purpose wherever vehicles carry a controlled licence plate.

VECTOR is our standard ANPR platform, perfectly suited for international use and support.  As an off the shelf product, VECTOR is simple to install, configure, operate and support; even in the most challenging conditions.  The proven library of international plate types that VECTOR can read is vast, with read rates at the very top end of market performance.

Installation – Using standard camera hardware and optics, VECTOR is ready to be installed straight out of the box, and can be attached using standard adjustable brackets onto a huge range of street furniture.

Configuration – The intuitive Jenoptik Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows camera technicians to quickly get a VECTOR up and running, without the need for specialist skills or programming experience.

Support – A range of remote access support tools allow Jenoptik to provide guidance and support, even when the VECTOR is thousands of miles away.