VECTOR, the latest in ANPR technology has arrived.

VECTOR sees everything.

Cutting edge design allows number plates to be captured and read across two lanes in the most challenging of conditions.

VECTOR combines decades of ANPR experience into a single, highly capable and compact integrated unit. Two high resolution cameras provide ANPR and scene overview images, including day/night mode allowing capture on a completely dark road. Images can be transferred via a wide range of communications media, or stored on local high capacity memory. A GPS clock, compass, accelerometer and two light sensors allow VECTOR to dynamically adapt to a changing operational environment, supporting even the most challenging enforcement applications.

VECTOR Applications

VECTOR provides a common platform for multiple advanced ANPR applications, including:

  • Average Speed Enforcement

  • Bus Lane Enforcement

  • Level Crossings & Red Light Enforcement

  • Yellow Box Violations

  • Tolling

  • Journey Time Measurement

JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK offer a full end to end, turnkey solution, from manufacture, initial design and installation, through to maintenance and support.