Home Office Type Approved

VECTOR LX is now in operation at multiple level crossing sites around the UK, operating as an unattended enforcement system.  VECTOR LX is a highly capable monitoring and enforcement tool that continually captures and analyses data, identifying offenders and providing valuable ‘intelligent’ data.

Using a unique combination of ANPR, video and scanning radar, VECTOR LX not only identifies when offences occur, but gathers a wealth of ‘situational awareness’ data to identify behaviours at different times of day. All of this is delivered without the need for road loops or intrusive connections into the traffic signals, providing a system that is powerful, effective and simple to maintain.

The combination of technologies used in VECTOR LX provides a rich set of data, which will allow for Red Light and Yellow Box enforcement to take place. In addition, the system also provides valuable data capture and intelligence, relating to the behaviour of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles of different classes as they use the crossing. Whilst much of this data will not be used in the issue of tickets, it will allow operators to learn about user behaviour, which could be used for safety interventions or intelligence-led decisions.

VECTOR LX can operate in multiple modes, simultaneously or at different times, depending upon the selected requirement. Current UK Home Office rules don’t permit dual use when enforcing, so the system can be configured to operate either: Red Light enforcement; Yellow Box junction enforcement; or Police ANPR, user behaviour monitoring and data capture. The system can also be configured to prioritise an ‘alarm mode’, if a hazardous situation is identified.