Our latest innovation, the Jenoptik VORTEX access control and management software is the ideal solution for secure sites, car parks, petrol station forecourts and other locations where a record of vehicle movements is required.

Designed for gated communities, secure car parks and hospitals, VORTEX is an ANPR-based security access control system, providing automatic barrier opening for authorised vehicles, recording the time of movements and presenting to an operator all known information on an arriving or departing vehicle. Unknown or otherwise non-authorised vehicles are stopped at the barrier until permission is granted manually to proceed: the security operative can be prompted at this time to add an unknown vehicle to the database.

VORTEX can operate as a central management system, receiving ANPR data and images from VECTOR integrated cameras at remote sites. VORTEX can also be connected directly to our V101 or V102 ANPR cameras for local control, yet still be overseen by a VORTEX management server if required – up to a total of over 1000 lanes.