One size doesn’t fit all, so our product portfolio and service provision can be tailored to each customer’s requirement. From our range of standard ANPR products and application specific services, JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK can address a huge variety of projects, from a trunk road casualty reduction scheme to a city centre security cordon. Want to know more?

Jenoptik offer a full end to end, turnkey solution, from manufacture, initial design & installation through to maintenance and support.
SPECS is a speed enforcement system, which uses linked Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to monitor the average speed of traffic over a section of road, or network of roads.
VECTOR LX is a highly capable monitoring and enforcement tool that continually captures and analyses data at Level Crossing sites.
LaneCheck is a fully automated, Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) approved bus lane violation detection system based on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, with digital image capture and storage.
Our latest innovation, the Jenoptik VORTEX access control and management software is the ideal solution for secure sites, car parks, petrol station forecourts and other locations where a record of vehicle movements is required.
RouteHawk is a comprehensive traffic data processing system for road network engineers, giving network managers journey-time data, origin/destination data and volumetrics, processed from a network of Jenoptik ANPR cameras.
RouteHawk JTMS