One size doesn’t fit all, so our product portfolio and service provision can be tailored to each customer’s requirement. From our range of standard ANPR products and application specific services, JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK can address a huge variety of projects, from a trunk road casualty reduction scheme to a city centre security cordon. Want to know more?

We understand exactly what is required to deliver real world, roadside ANPR solutions.
Integrated ANPR / ALPR
Most major roadworks schemes around the UK are controlled using SPECS average speed enforcement cameras. Since 2000, over 350 of these temporary installations have been operated.
SPECS at Roadworks
SPECS is the world leading average speed enforcement system, using networked cameras to cover a length or area of road. SPECS cameras have been used in the UK to control speeds at accident hotspots and major roadworks since 1999.
Permanent SPECS
JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK developed the first VCA approved automated bus lane enforcement system in 2009.
Bus Lane Enforcement
JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK offer car park management and access control ANPR solutions that are reliable, cost effective and extremely accurate.
Car Park Management & Access Control
JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK offer ANPR journey time cameras which can be installed alongside SPECS enforcement cameras, as part of an integrated roadworks package.
Journey Time Through Roadworks
JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK specialise in ANPR based Journey Time solutions, having delivered hundreds of cameras for JTMS systems around the UK.
Journey Time Management Systems
Jenoptik's security solutions provide an end to end package, combining data capture devices with powerful Big Data evaluation and analysis tools.
Big Data Management